About us

O’Neill’s Bar is a genuine traditional Old Irish pub renowned for its friendly staff and patrons. Its great atmosphere and world-famous food are why people find it hard to leave.

The O’Neill’s Bar and family have become synonymous with Suffolk Street with over 300 years of history in the association.

It looks like a regular pub from the outside. But inside it’s a pleasure to drink in, with its various nooks and crannies, upstairs and down. Whether you want to enjoy the great pub atmosphere or find a quite corner for yourself, O’Neill’s Bar have it all.

Steeped in history and located in the heart of Dublin, O’Neill’s has long been a favourite with famous artists, writers, playwrights, politicians and revolutionaries. The bars ooze character, the interior walls are packed with memorabilia built up over the years and will keep you entertained for hours.

Within easy reach wherever you’re staying, whether you’re out for a days shopping in Grafton Street or enjoying some of our famous heritage, O’Neill’s is the perfect place for a spot of lunch or a night out with great music. We have welcomed customers for centuries. Give yourself a Dublin treat by coming to visit us.

O'Neill's Bar