Whiskey Corner

Whiskey, the water of life. In our Whiskey Corner we have many options to chose from. From the more boutique varieties like a Scottish Oban single malt, an Irish Yellow Spot or maybe just your usual tipple. We also can arrange tasting menus. Please ask at the bar.

The Irish for whiskey is uisce beatha (pronounced ish-ka ba-ha) literally means ‘water of life’. Having been the most popular spirit drink in the world during the 19th century, whiskey went into steady decline during the 1900’s.

In the last twenty years the distilling industry has seen a sharp revival globally. Irish distillers are again to the fore bringing life back into this fine tradition and drink.

Don’t worry, there isn’t a typo. The Scottish spell ‘Whisky’ without and ‘e’. But we all know the proper way to spell it is ‘Whiskey’.

Whiskey Corner

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