Irish Breakfast Special Offer

irish breakfast



“Really Good” Full Irish Breakfast, only €8.95

“Really Good” Mini Irish Breakfast, only €7.50

Served from our Hot Counter. Only available Monday to Friday, 8am to 11.30am.

“The best cure for a hangover may be an Irish breakfast – the “full Irish” – in the native vernacular: a fried egg, sausages, bacon, potatoe cake, mushrooms, black (blood) pudding, white pudding and baked beans. And you’ll find the best Irish breakfast in Dublin in a pub, of all places: 300-year-old O’Neill’s Bar & Restaurant, across from the Dublin Tourism visitors center, which begins the traditional “fry-up” at the civilized hour of 8.00a.m. and uses all local ingredients, including Guinness in the sausages and brown sauce, all served with sympathetic smiles.

The Celtic Tiger may have lost its growl, but this auld town is as energized as ever, with bustling pubs, fast-evolving culinary and theater scenes and the warm, witty hospitality that’s given the Irish such a good name.”

Jon Marcus, Hemisphires Magazine
United Air Lines Inflight magazine