Sandwich & Coffee

Selection of Toasted Paninis:

O’Neill’s – €6.70

Hot chicken, Crowe’s farm Bacon, Irish Dalkey mustard, sautéed onions & mushrooms & Melted Irish cheddar.

Taj Mahal – €6.05

Tandori Chicken, Sauteed onions & Sun blushed tomatoes.

Italian – €6.05

Buffalo Mozzarella, Pimento, Black Olives, Basil pesto & Sun blushed tomatoes.

Veggie Deluxe – €6.05

Ardsallagh goat’s cheese, sweet chilli jam & roasted Mediterranean vegetables.

New Yorker – €6.05

Dijon mustard, Pastrami & melted Swiss cheese, Sweet cucumber pickle.

Meatball – €6.05

Italian style meatballs, Mozzarella cheeses & Provolone cheese.


Chef’s Special Sandwiches:

Hot Carvery sandwich – €8.40

Choose from our hot roasts’ of the day; Beef, Ham, Pork, Turkey or Corned beef.

Chef’s Special prawn sandwich – €7.25

Served on 3 slices of Irish Guinness bread, with lettuce and potato salad.

Smoked Irish salmon & Chive cream cheese – €8.90

Served on Irish soda bread with salad.

Blue Cheese Baguette – €6.00

Wicklow Blue Brie cheese & Janet’s Fayre red onion marmalade served on a crusty baguette with lettuce, tomatoes & onion.

Open Oak Salmon – €8.90

Oak smoked Salmon, Red onion, Capers, Cream chive cheese served on Irish soda bread.

Chicken & Cheese Melt – €5.85

Hot Cajun/Plain chicken fillet, Cheddar cheese & sweet chilli sauce served on a crispy baguette & toasted.



Beef/Ham/Turkey – €4.10

Egg Mayonnaise & Cheese – €4.30

Tuna – €3.75



Beef/Ham/Turkey – €4.65

Egg Mayonnaise & Cheese – €3.70

Tuna – €4.30

(All Sandwiches & Baguettes are served with Lettuce, Onion and tomatoes.)

B.L.T. – €5.05

Hot Bacon, Lettuce & tomatoes served fresh or toasted with Ballymaloe Irish Relish & Mayonnaise.

Christmas Cracker – €5.75

Turkey, Hot stuffing, Cranberry & Port chutney and Brie cheese.

Special Roast beef – €5.30

Roast beef, Sauteed onion & mushroom, Irish cheddar cheese & rocket.

Open Seafood – €8.90

Irish oak smoked salmon, Prawns & Fresh salmon served on soda bread with Capers, lemon & salad.

Fresh Irish Salmon – €5.30

Served on sliced bread with salad.

Melted Brie – €5.35

French Brie cheese and Cranberry & Port chutney toasted.

Melted Swiss – €5.35

Slices Swiss Cheese, Irish Dalkey wholegrain mustard, sautéed mushroom and baby leaf spinach toasted.

Dubliner Cheddar Cheese – €4.35

Sliced Dubliner cheddar cheese, tomatoes & onions.

Egg Mayonnaise – €3.70

Fresh Egg Mayonnaise, Black pepper & Chives.

Dubliner Cheddar Cheese & Ham – €4.75

Sliced Dubliner Cheddar Cheese, Baked Ham, Tomatoes & Onions.

Baked Ham & Roast Turkey – €5.75

Served with Dijon mustard, Crisp lettuce & Swiss cheese.

O’Neill’s Club – €7.00

Triple Decker filled with Hot chicken, Bacon, sautéed onions, Tomatoes & Cheddar cheese toasted and served with Lettuce Tomato and Mayonnaise.

Jack Daniel’s Club – €7.00

Triple Decker filled with Hot chicken, Bacon, sautéed onion & Mushroom’s toasted with Cheddar cheese and a Smokey Barbeque Jack Daniel’s sauce.

Wicklow Blue Brie Baguette

Served with Baby lettuce and Red Onion Marmalade.


Lunch Deal

Soup of the day + Sandwich of the day + Tea/Coffee = just – € 6.50



At O’Neill’s we only use the best Italia dark roasted beans for all our coffees. Made from 100 per cent Arabica beans sourced entirely from Rainforest Alliance certified farms from South America, these beans produce an intense and smoky espresso based coffee.

Regular Coffee

Freshly ground blend of roasted coffee beans.


A style and process of brewing resulting in a dark aromatic coffee.
(Short shot strong; Long shot milder)

Café Latte

Espresso with steamed milk.


Espresso with frothed milk.

Mocha Cappuccino (Mochacino)

Espresso with frothed milk and semi sweet dark chocolate.

Flavoured Cappuccino

Espresso with frothed milk and your favourite flavour.

Flavoured Shots

Espresso and your favourite flavour.

Irish Coffee

Irish whiskey, freshly ground regular coffee, fresh cream with chocolate sprinkle.

Baileys Bliss

50mls Baileys, double shot of espresso with steamed and frothed milk.

Baileys Coffee

50mls Baileys, regular coffee and freshly whipped cream.

Baileys Caramel Latte

50mls of Baileys Caramel, over a dark chocolate base, espresso coffee and hot steamed milk.

Spiced Rum Coffee

Shot of Morgan’s Spiced Rum, freshly ground regular coffee with a twist of sweet cinnamon Syrup and freshly whipped cream.

Calypso Coffee

Tia Maria, freshly ground regular coffee and freshly whipped cream.

French Coffee

Cognac brandy, freshly ground regular coffee and freshly whipped cream.

Orange Chocole

Bitter sweet hot chocolate served with a shot of orange Cointreau and a marshmallow topping.

Christmas Coffee

Tia Maria Liquor, bitter sweet chocolate, shot of espresso, topped with freshly whipped cream and served with a Cinnamon stick.

Hot drinking chocolate

Semi sweet hot chocolate and frothed milk topped with marshmallows.